Protesters urge Ford to defy reality and economic facts

Doug Ford may not be the most charming or erudite politician to grace the halls of political power in Ontario, and he has certainly gained the negative attention of media, political, and academic intellectuals across Canada.

One thing in his favor however is that he apparently understands a fundamental problem in modern welfare state politics: out of control government spending coupled with unrealistic regulation of the productive sector of the economy.

So, when protesters come out to challenge the regulatory rollback of stupid anti-reality notions that employees must be paid more in wages and benefits than market prices have determined as a result of mutual trade between employers and employees, we should hope Ford remains firm in his convictions.

Any weakening in resolve would further encourage the rule of society by the mob rather than by trade for mutual benefit.

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Legalizing Impaired Consciousness

Forget pipelines (built or unbuilt); forget global warming (“climate change” is an anti-conceptual term used to obfuscate the scientific challenges to global warming hypotheses); forget “free trade deals” negotiated by governments (which frustrate rather than free trade); forget problems with Saudi Arabia (diplomatic relations and now, the Khashoggi affair); forget all the economic and political promises made by the Liberal government in Canada, for what really matters is one big election platform promise that prime minister Trudeau and the Liberals delivered: legalization of cannabis.

The awareness of this fact is palpable across Canada. Commentary and media coverage is so intense that even important issues like the activist court decisions regarding the Kinder Morgan pipeline are all but forgotten.

The recent UN IPCC dire “warnings” have agitated the parliament but it seems like nobody cares, not even the Green Party (many of the environmentalists may be on a natural “high” so aren’t paying attention).

Christia Freeland has commented on the Khashoggi affair, but that’s because she’s freed from the heady negotiations regarding managed trade among the US, Canada and Mexico. Her comments added nothing however, so again nobody cares.

What everybody cares about, if media coverage is any indication, is that they’ll be able to legally buy cannabis from licensed retailers and smoke their brains out on 17 October.

Everywhere there is heightened awareness of this issue. Street signs remind us that driving “high” is the same as impaired driving, the determining criteria for which keep lowering to the point where a 200 pound man who has a glass of wine with dinner may risk losing his driving privileges.

State media (CBC) has regular news items related to the many anticipated problems with the rollout of legal cannabis, as well as special programs examining specific issues related.

So what’s it all about? The election promises were focused on eradicating the black market and limiting access to cannabis by children. I’ll predict this objective will not be satisfactorily met. Users with reliable black market supply are not likely to change, particularly because the regulations and licensing requirements will push up the prices for “legal” supply.

As for the kids, only good parenting and an education system focused on conceptual development will encourage the maturation of independent thinkers who understand that consciousness-altering drugs are inimical to a flourishing life.

But, let’s not have anything detract from this political “achievement.” If Canadians base their assessment of the current government on its allowing them to legally render themselves unconscious then they deserve what they get.


“Jihadi Jack?” Welcome!

‘Would you like to come to Canada?’ What officials are doing for Canadians held in Syria over ISIS allegations

Altruistic Canadian officials are prepared to assist alleged ISIS fighters to come to Canada and live “a good life.”

Sure, why not? Today’s prevalent and stunted morality will forgive any crime or indiscretion from treason to murder, but will never tolerate an independent thought to be expressed that runs against the status quo.

Just ask Jordan Peterson, for example.


Hillary Clinton: Bill should “absolutely not” have resigned over Lewinsky scandal

Hillary Clinton: Bill should “absolutely not” have resigned over Lewinsky scandal

“Absolutely not,” for many reasons apparently, but the main one was that the Clintons craved to hang on to political power.

Trump defends “arming enemies of the west.”

Trump defends $110B US arms sale to Saudi Arabia

People everywhere hold contradictions every waking hour of their lives. It’s probably a holdover from a history of being dominated by one of the three major religions or generally, by having given in to mysticism, faith and emotion.

But, president Trump is serving as a prototype for a massive contradiction in defending the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. This dictatorship is an enemy of the United States and the rest of the semi-free world. Its role in supporting the terrorists in the 2001 attack on the United States has never been fully examined, for example.

Morally, the proper attitude to the Saudis and all variants of dictatorship should be condemnation at every opportunity. The Khashoggi affair is just the latest one.

And while there is not a problem in allowing trade to be conducted between Americans and Saudi Arabian citizens and residents, the making of “deals” between governments for armaments is on a scale of incomprehensible evil.

It is no defense to invoke “job creation” as justification. It is no defense to say that the Russians or Chinese would do the “deal” if the US government did not.

All dictatorships should be treated the same. Condemn them for violating individual rights and be prepared to thwart them with a solid military defense, NOT “arming enemies of the west.”

Justice is “Unpopular”

According to a poll, Justice Kavanaugh remains “unpopular” with Americans. This is of course due to the sordid and corrupt political “trial” of his life as a seventeen-year-old drunk kid.

The irrelevancy of this public “show trial” pushed the substantive issue of his exemplary judicial career to the back of everyone’s mind and was barely addressed by media and political “advocates.”

It’s a good thing Supreme Court justices are not appointed by ignorant popularity polls.

Trudeau: “Here I am, listen to me.”

Trudeau: Canada ‘clear, strong’ with Saudis

It’s fine for Canada’s prime minister to denounce regimes that violate individual rights every single day. (“Human rights” is a vague, package-dealing, collectivist term I will not use.) That is the only role that the leader of a semi-free country like Canada should play.

However, the tone of Mr. Trudeau’s statements suggests a politician competing for attention on a significant news story that includes calls for the US president to “do something” about Saudi Arabia.

The calls on Mr. Trump are of course politically motivated since the US cannot guarantee the safety of any individuals who travel abroad, resident or citizen.

And so too, the statements of Mr. Trudeau who simply wants to appear “clear and strong” in the run-up to an election year.