Pod’s Perspective

My Perspective

“Pod” is a nickname given by friends who found pronunciation of “Edward Podritske” formidable.

For “perspective,” I like the implications of its Latin origin “perspicere,” meaning “to see through”. I try to see through the shroud of collectivism that is suffocating modern civilization.

As my guide to life, and everyone needs one, I attempt to live by the tenets of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I recognize objective reality, apprehend it by independent thought, and proceed accordingly. I know what and who I am and what I ought therefore to do.

My Purpose

I encourage readers to question every assertion coming from collectivist doctrine. The individual is not the means to the ends of government bureaucrats, career politicians, “social justice warriors,” subsidized educators, monopoly unions, or businesses “too big to fail”. The individual’s life is an “end in itself”.

My Practice

I break down contradictions and other examples of irrationality to their essentials and offer an alternative, rational analysis through my blog posts.

Finally, since there are good things in the world out there, I will occasionally post examples, because life, even “everyday” life, is an end in itself.