Media Focus on Tea

Much of the media was prepared to ignore the “tea party” protests on April 15 but the turnout was apparently pretty impressive  and some attention had to be given. CNN and Wolf Blitzer seemed to do a credible job in the small sampling I saw, basically making the point that the event was not something to be ignored by either the media or the Obama administration.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on the other hand went to the “spinning” option and in a discussion with guest Ana Marie Cox seemed to argue that the protests were orchestrated by the Republican establishment in Washington. Maddow and Cox took some pleasure also in pointing out what they regarded as historical reference errors on the part of Glenn Beck, for example, as they probed for problems with the tea parties. They also giggled together at one protester holding a sign indicating he was a “right wing extremist” even as the speaker at the relevant event was being critical of the recent Homeland Security release on the topic of potential violence from the “extreme” right. I guess while being snide and sarcastic it is not possible always to recognize when you’re having one put over on you.

When the parties in the news are considered “conservative,”  “republican” or “on the right” there is a tendency for the media coverage to treat the subject almost as a curiosity, as in “how could these people do this or believe that?” Last month I noted just such a case. Please check the following link.


Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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