Ammunition for “Tea Party” Supporters

The protesters against big government taxing, borrowing and spending on privileges for the well-connected are under attack from all directions. From cable news channels to the Speaker of the House of Representatives we are now informed of the opinion that these “grass roots” protesters were actually sponsored by high powered elites and thus it was really a day of protest at an “astroturf” level. Calling people names and impuning their integrity is a way to ask for a fight. Big government supporters, and they are legion, are thus contributing to an exacerbation of the class warfare.

Those of you who want to protest could use some help in the form of voices of support. An article I wrote recently following President Obama’s press conference to “sell” his budget plans to the American people may provide some inspiration. The very few people who have read the article were very complimentary. So here it is:


Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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