Enforcing Industrial Policy

Might the Obama administration take some guidance from the management style of one Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (subscription site)? There the US-owned Cargill pasta plant was taken over May 15 on orders from the Deputy Food Minister. Seems 59 percent of production has been of goods not subject to price controls, which runs contrary to the 70 percent quota established by the guys in red bandannas. State officials will retain control of the plant, monitoring production quotas, until the State’s orders are followed.

With the Union/State hostile take-over of Chrysler and GM, for all intents and purposes, just how far will those government boys go? Executive compensation and a politically correct production car represent just two areas of interest expressed by the Commander in Chief, who has extended his command apparently to America’s industrial as well as armed forces.

Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

One thought on “Enforcing Industrial Policy

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