Cairo U! Boolah! Boolah!

Barack Hussein Obama has spoken. Today the President of the United States sought to address 1.5 billion Muslims through the means of a speech at Cairo University and said, “Much has been made of the fact that an African-American with the name Barack Hussein Obama could be elected President.” Is it now politically correct to occasionally use his full name in correspondence? Like his many other speeches this overture to the “Muslim World” is filled with many appeals that include such phrases as: “…we must…”, “…our need to work together”, “…we plan…”, “…we will…”, “…bring us together…”, “…must be done … Continue reading Cairo U! Boolah! Boolah!

“Git er Done”

Is there a little “redneck” in President Obama? His eloquence notwithstanding, it would appear that the sentiment of urging, encouraging or demanding associated with the expression “Git er done,” is embodied in his recent statements. Made famous by comedian “Larry the Cable Guy” (Daniel Lawrence Whitney) the use of this idiom, delivered in a guttural style, is similar to others in which the command is for action, while consequences are considered secondary: “Just do it!” “Damn the torpedoes!” I refer to recent remarks Mr. Obama made to supporters in which he urged them to push Congress to pass legislation on … Continue reading “Git er Done”

In Government We Trust

My friend suggested a topic for me to address in one of my posts, “Which to trust, the government or the market?” To which I replied, “To do what?” After further questioning I learned that the idea arose pursuant to a discussion he had with his son. Seems the young man has lost his way, herding with the multitudes in support of government-sponsored health care services. So the question for discussion became, “Which to trust to provide certain goods and services, the government or the market.” My friend, older and experienced, holds the view that the market is the appropriate … Continue reading In Government We Trust