Nortel No-No

The government of Canada should resist the temptation to intervene in the sale of wireless assets of bankrupt Nortel Networks Corporation (Nortel). Nortel, with a history of government aid in the form of tax credits and other privileges, managed to make significant technological advances within the globally competitive field of cell-phone communication technologies. Unfortunately, as is often the case for businesses that could not survive without government privilege, Nortel found itself insolvent and in bankruptcy court or other insolvency proceedings in three national jurisdictions (the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom). Bankruptcy laws were established in part to bring an … Continue reading Nortel No-No

Dancing Around Reality

“Look, President Obama is smart, right?” suggested Joe Kernen of CNBC’s Squawk Box as he posed a question to his guest Gerald Greenwald on Tuesday morning. Kernen, who has been with CNBC since 1991 is no dummy either I’d bet. His guest is on the Board of Directors of Aetna and is a founding principal of Greenbriar Equity Group. Upon agreement from Greenwald that yes indeed, President Obama is smart, Kernen continued with the following, which I am putting into my own words from recall. He proposed that the things Obama is saying about his health care reform proposals and … Continue reading Dancing Around Reality

Wal-Mart “Gets It”

“Don’t count on big business to support the free market“. (In Brief, 7/1/2009, Foundation for Economic Education, Editor’s comment.) That’s one observation about Wal-Mart’s announcement of support for the Obama-inspired plan to force employers to provide health insurance coverage for employees. There have been others, such as allegations of “Chicago-style backroom deals with unions” relative to the “card check” program where it is suggested that the magnanimous gesture by Wal-Mart might have bought off the unions on the long standing efforts to get the giant retailer unionized. That Wal-Mart does supply health coverage to employees after a certain period of … Continue reading Wal-Mart “Gets It”