Cult Fodder

Disturbing as it is, the video featuring very young schoolchildren praising Barack Hussein Obama as some sort of messianic savior, which is the subject of a media feeding frenzy today, is just the tip of the iceberg. That the school project was conceived and performed as part of Black History Month in February this year is in itself a collectivist, and overtly racist event. I seriously doubt that America will ever transcend considerations of race, or any other arbitrary and irrelevant parameters to move beyond group-identity politics and progress to regarding human beings as the individual minorities they are in … Continue reading Cult Fodder

“Dummies” List Adds Clayton Ruby

Regarding my earlier post on Lucy the elephant it would appear this non-story is getting “legs“. Notwithstanding the uncommon sense of the folks at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, those who differ on grounds apparently involving their emotions, would rather take the populist route and risk the death of Lucy prematurely. Bob Barker, who “admits he doesn’t know much about elephants” is nevertheless prepared to continue to fight the “free Lucy” campaign. The involvement of criminal-defence lawyer Clayton Ruby, who has been retained by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is a sure sign that the circus is not … Continue reading “Dummies” List Adds Clayton Ruby

Lucy in the Sky with Dummies

For 32 years, an Asian elephant named Lucy has lived in relative comfort and splendor at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in central Alberta, Canada. At age 34 years, she is like other older creatures, suffering from declining health. Lucy has labored breathing, dental problems, and is arthritic. Professional veterinary care is part of her ongoing health care plan. No death panels have been convened for Lucy, yet. Along come the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and a growing host of celebrities, adding their support to a plan to relocate Lucy from the frigid winters of sunny Alberta … Continue reading Lucy in the Sky with Dummies

Only Politics Eludes Logic (OPEL)

Prior to filing for legal bankruptcy protection on June 1, 2009, General Motors transferred 65 percent ownership of its money-losing operation in Europe, Adam Opel GmbH, into a German Trust. The five parties to the Trust include one non-voting Chairman, with two members representing GM’s now 35 percent minority interest and the remaining two representing several German governments, including the national government headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel. This Trust is supported with bridge financing of approximately $2.2 billion from Germany’s national government to continue operations until a new buyer takes over the controlling interest. Plans endorsed by the GM Board … Continue reading Only Politics Eludes Logic (OPEL)

Broadcast of the Absurd

Contrary to all reason and common sense, several Presidents of the United States have sought to address schoolchildren at the commencement of the school year. President Obama is today just the latest to have eagerly seized on such an opportunity. The President was overzealous in his initial plans to enlist members of his audience as personal aides in promoting his agenda by inviting students to write about how they might “help the President.” The resulting furor, attributed by the media to his detractors, Republicans, and conservatives, was largely regarded as “no big deal” by Obama supporters, Democrats, liberals, and of … Continue reading Broadcast of the Absurd