“Dummies” List Adds Clayton Ruby

Regarding my earlier post on Lucy the elephant it would appear this non-story is getting “legs“. Notwithstanding the uncommon sense of the folks at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, those who differ on grounds apparently involving their emotions, would rather take the populist route and risk the death of Lucy prematurely.

Bob Barker, who “admits he doesn’t know much about elephants” is nevertheless prepared to continue to fight the “free Lucy” campaign. The involvement of criminal-defence lawyer Clayton Ruby, who has been retained by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is a sure sign that the circus is not about to be leaving town anytime soon.

It is mind boggling to read the stories about this non-story, which reveal in glaring form the disconnect that exists between metaphysical reality and the emotional fantasy world which so many people inhabit.

Qualified veterinarians advise that it is too risky to move Lucy, which is what people in Europe, the United States and across Canada want to have done “in the best interests of Lucy”. The mass of opinion trumps science.

Clayton Ruby, hired by PETA because he has “a great deal of empathy for animals” has stated that he finds Lucy’s situation “shameful and an embarrassment,” according to The Globe and Mail. So like all emotionalists, he just might take to the courts, which though they often struggle to administer objective justice, will provide a public stage for the emotional advocates of the “free Lucy” campaign.

A friend, who responded to my earlier post by advising that Lucy should “pack her bags” because of the weight of legal force that will be brought to bear, suggested that Edmonton’s mayor will not be able to withstand the onslaught and will be compelled to concede on behalf of the City. So far, Linda Cochrane, a city administrator who met with Mr. Barker yesterday has shown a tough, logical stance. She is quoted in The Globe and Mail as saying to reporters, “We are not about to be browbeaten by one sanctuary and a body of people who say she has to move. We are the stewards of this animal.”

Tough talk indeed. Can Clayton Ruby resist turning it into a more public legal battle, “in the best interests of Lucy” of course.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

2 thoughts on ““Dummies” List Adds Clayton Ruby

  1. It seems to me that those who are truly dedicated to the humane treatment of animals would be more interested in the medical facts surrounding Lucy’s condition. As Lucy’s condition deteriorates, the humane thing to do is to keep her as comfortable as possible in a place that she knows (her home) and surround her with those who love her and who are only intersted in her wellbeing.

    Whether we walk on two legs or on four legs, I can’t imagine anyone who would want to die thousands of miles from home surrounded by strangers.

    In my opinion there is nothing unethical about the care that Lucy is receiving. If PETA wishes to maintain any credibility they need to do better research on the causes they are willing to support before they jump on the band wagon. This is an unwarranted campaign based purely on sensationalism and the publicity of a select group of individuals.

    LOLA – Leave our Lucy Alone

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