Cult Fodder

Disturbing as it is, the video featuring very young schoolchildren praising Barack Hussein Obama as some sort of messianic savior, which is the subject of a media feeding frenzy today, is just the tip of the iceberg.

That the school project was conceived and performed as part of Black History Month in February this year is in itself a collectivist, and overtly racist event. I seriously doubt that America will ever transcend considerations of race, or any other arbitrary and irrelevant parameters to move beyond group-identity politics and progress to regarding human beings as the individual minorities they are in reality.

There are similar incidents just as depraved as this one, but the exploiting of impressionable and innocent children is particularly reprehensible. The infamous pledges of allegiance to Obama and country by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, delivered with other celebrities in a video produced and copyrighted by Harpo Productions is culturally sickening, but that morally-stunted group of automatons chose as adults to participate.

However, the facts beneath the surface reveal that the Democratic Party has deliberately created the cult promotion that has led to this twenty-first century version of mindless adulation for a dictatorial figure, who cavalierly promises to deliver followers in the name of some impossible utopia of change.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sponsored the Obama for America (OFA) movement to help elect President Obama and upon that success morphed into the Organizing for America movement. The current web site for this movement clearly credits it as a project of the DNC. It also still touts the Kids for Obama initiative within this movement and the suggested activities are disturbing in themselves. You may recall such things as the exhorting of children to get their parents out to vote for Obama. How about “Kids for Obama starter kit”? Children who need to learn how to read and to think for themselves are instead being served up some cult-driven drivel upon which to nurture their future. It’s a disaster with a time fuse.

I have always thought that the Republican Party; galvanized around the religious right, was the most likely to get the US on track for the emergence of a new fascist State, but it appears the Democratic Party may have accelerated this process to the fast track.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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