Wrong, Just Wrong

While I personally think Al Gore is more than just wrong about the content of his award-winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” the producers of “Not Evil Just Wrong” have taken a supposedly higher plane, at least in naming their movie.

Phelim McAleer, a self-described former liberal journalist, is the man whose line of questioning to Al Gore about factual errors in “An Inconvenient Truth” was effectively censored by his own “free press” comrades in Wisconsin.

The Society of Environmental Journalists (what the hell is that?) held a conference where former Vice President Al Gore took questions from journalists. McAleer, who along with his wife, Ann McElhinney, are producers and directors of “Not Evil Just Wrong,” had the temerity to challenge Gore.

McAleer just asked whether Gore intended to correct the record after the British High Court found, in 2007, so many errors in Gore’s movie that it has required warnings be provided to viewers before showing it in British schools.

Mr. Gore avoided the question and McAleer’s fellow journalists shut off his microphone, thereby effectively barring any questions from anyone not drinking environmentalist and global-warming Kool Aid.

This annoying and dangerous censorship is aiding and abetting the spread of bad ideas, which unfortunately have the effect of driving out truth. One would have thought that journalists, even “environmental” journalists, would support a quest for truth.

Please consider viewing the movie that Hollywood is shunning simply because it challenges Al Gore’s fraudulent documentary.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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