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The thing that is so annoying and embarrassing about the President of the United States publicly criticizing Fox News Channel, aside from its being vaguely reminiscent of President Richard Nixon’s “media enemies list,” is the callous disregard and disdain implied in his view of the American people, as well as the lack of understanding it shows of the nature of man.

The Obama administration, most notably through its Communications Director, Anita Dunn, has declared Fox News an “arm of the Republican Party” and castigated the news organization as being concerned more with making money than delivering news.

Well, the viewers of Fox, including more than just Republicans by the way, are the ones who have made Fox a financial and ratings success story. These viewers chose among the network and cable offerings and settled on Fox. In that process, they exercised that widely unacknowledged attribute of man: free will.

Implicit in the attacks by the administration is the idea that the viewers of Fox, and by extension all other members of the species, are just a mass of malleable, mindless vessels, ready to be filled with whatever tripe the media, and political leaders, want.

The administration appears petty, childish and whiny by taking this stance against any media. A worrisome aspect of this tantrum is that it is a prelude to exerting more government control over media content—the bailiwick of tyrants everywhere.

The best advice to the members of Obama’s Czar Cabinet, is to advise their leader to back off this line of attack against Fox, lest it backfire as the impact redounds to the entire media spectrum.

While Fox’s competition might relish the Schadenfreude they feel over the attacks on the more successful Fox, they should be rushing to its defence rather than risk having all their windows smashed by the political thugs.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

2 thoughts on “News Story

  1. “…the viewers of Fox…are just a mass of malleable, mindless vessels, ready to be filled with whatever tripe the media and political leaders want.”

    That’s pretty accurate. 🙂

    1. Ben:
      Thanks for reading. I’ve corrected the presentation of your selected excerpt to reflect that there is missing context. So now, yes, it is pretty accurate.

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