No Time For Individuals

With the unappealing headline of “Doctors courted in special interest war, “the following introductory paragraph appears in an Associated Press article on

“In the special interest war over health care, the White House and congressional Democrats have the nation’s drug makers and hospitals generally on their side; the insurance industry, not so much.”

The article then goes on to describe the struggle for relative privilege between the sausage makers in Congress and the American Medical Association (AMA), which claims to represent 250,000 doctors. Evidently, the lawmakers of Big Government, Big Labour and Big Business are striving to add Big Medicine to the prescription for a new corporatist state of America.

Reading the quoted article is about as interesting as watching legislative decrees being made. That is, it might be if the members of the public were permitted to see what goes on in the way of backroom dealing in these Congressional committees. Nobody really knows anything about the politics of pull and influence peddling anyway, except for the power brokers. No one among them reads the oppressive legislation documents, and they make sure the public has no chance to consider them before they are rammed down their collective throat.

Some, like the sourced news organization, call this a war. That’s unfortunate. As someone who considers the proper role of professional politics to be statesmanship and defence of the natural rights of individuals in society, it is also repugnant. Whether you call it a war or not however, the collateral damage that will be inflicted on the residents of those United States will be considerable.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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