Health Care for Terrorists

The biggest beneficiary of the process of bringing socialized medicine to the United States health care industry may be the Iranian terror regime.

The Obama administration clearly views the ramming of a health care bill through Congress, against the wishes of the majority of Americans, as a top priority. The well-financed Left associated with the Democratic Party contributed mightily to its election successes. Socialized medicine is one of the big payoffs that must be delivered to promote continued political support from Big Left.

It is so important, that implementing strategy and tactics relative to the “overseas contingency operation” in Afghanistan must be postponed for weeks, although as former Vice President Dick Cheney recently confirmed, the strategy for operations in the region had been handed to the incoming administration in transition nearly a year ago.

The politics of health care “reform” takes precedence over the soldiers dodging bullets overseas. Even the Taliban recognizes the new window of opportunity as it has announced it will increase assaults during the Afghanistan election “do over,” which the US President used as an excuse to dither on decisions relative to troop deployment requests by his military commanders.

What will the so-called insurgents in Afghanistan use for weapons? Somehow it seems that Iranian weaponry has found its way to the Afghan militants. There should be no surprise there. The US State Department has long recognized that Iran supports and supplies other terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The worst-kept secret is that Iran has ambitions to develop nuclear weapons. Instead of blasting that country to smithereens as I’ve written about previously, the US is expanding its dithering on foreign policy matters by engaging the terror regime in “talks”. Mohamed ElBaradei, chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is also the usual suspect in aiding and abetting any delaying tactics surrounding inspections of nuclear facilities (remember Iraq). He is on record as wanting to avoid a conflict with Iran at almost any cost.

When Iran manages to develop some type of portable, small nuclear device, how quickly will they “somehow” get into the hands of its supported network of terrorist organizations? How will Iran be stopped, when the only current Superpower bends over backwards to avoid confrontation with evil?

Regrettably, last week’s capitulation in giving the Iranian terror regime additional time to mull over a deal was an ominous indicator. Aimed at “preventing” nuclear weapon development it seems to indicate instead that the US administration is just as willing to bend over forwards, even as a nuclear warhead may someday be aimed at it.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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