Infamous Dates

Every so often an event occurs on the world stage that has the potential to affect the course of history. One such event could be the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference commencing December 7, 2009, when the elite members of political royalty and environmental activism will descend upon Copenhagen, Denmark. At its root, the motivation driving many of these people and others who willingly associate themselves with the “climate change” agenda is the emotion of fear. They fear some human-caused catastrophe comparable to Armageddon, a picture quite literally portrayed for them in the cartoon film “An Inconvenient Truth,” by that over-inflated advocate … Continue reading Infamous Dates

Moving Targets

WARNING: (It is not my usual practice to infuse my writing with profanity. It is in my view an unnecessary embellishment. There are times however when certain terms have no appropriate substitute in making a point. This article is one of those occasions.–E.P.) Among thousands of words written about the announcement by United States Attorney General Eric Holder that five of the “suspected” terrorists, until now detained at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, would be tried in civilian court in the Southern District of New York, there is one word that rarely appears: justice. Something other than … Continue reading Moving Targets

Score Another for Reality

Thursday, 12 November 2009 As most of North American media representatives, politicians, and senior military brass (yes, even them,) publicly trip over each other in their efforts to appear inoffensive to Muslims when commenting on the terrorist-style attack at Fort Hood by “alleged” killer Major Nidal Malik Hasan, it’s refreshing to hear of a political figure who advances a different approach. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has just issued a new guide for immigrants wishing to become Canadian citizens. It is available today. The primary purpose of the new study guide is to lend some substance to the … Continue reading Score Another for Reality

Chairman Obamao

A 39-year old Beijing businessman has found the “democratic” appeal of the greatest mass murderer in history to be similar to that of the prominent visitor coming soon to China. By incorporating an image of United States President Barack Obama outfitted with the peasant/worker garb of Chairman Mao Zedong and imprinting it on t-shirts and other items a brisk market has been created. Anticipating that Mr. Obama might not see the “funny side” in this initiative, plans have been made to take down displays of the products during the official visit by the US President. American businessmen might want to have a look at the video report on this … Continue reading Chairman Obamao

Time to Trade

I have written quite a few words in my efforts to put all of the nonsense about the government bail out of General Motors into perspective. For example, I pointed out the disingenuous claims by the American President that there would be no political intervention accompanying government ownership. Also, one of my articles most read on this site was the essay on the GM dithering over the sale of Adam Opel GmbH. It is a measure of the unique ability of art to highlight the essentials of a complex issue. Today, I encountered one such example signed by cartoon artist … Continue reading Time to Trade

Time and Tyranny

The twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is an opportunity to remind ourselves that reality will always prevail over those who would rationalize against it. Every regime constructed by men who seek to force their views on other men is doomed to failure. Sometimes failure takes centuries or as in the case of Ancient Egypt, millennia. In the context of our own brief lives, or a generation or two, it may seem to occur faster when history places us in such close proximity to a seminal event. The Berlin Wall construction began in August 1961. The Berlin Wall … Continue reading Time and Tyranny

A Shot in the Light

In the aftermath of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, what do we know about the “suspect,” Major Nadil Malik Hasan? Instead of dwelling for too long on the rampant media speculation about what may have “driven” Hasan to commit such a despicable act, it should be noted that a lengthy investigation needs to be completed in order to build the evidentiary case. From the crime scene itself to the offices of Homeland Security, multiple jurisdictions including local police, Army, FBI, ATF and others are now involved in successfully prosecuting this bastard. Motive is lower on the list when physical … Continue reading A Shot in the Light

International Government Motors

Do you really think that the decision by General Motors to try and renege on the deal for the sale of Adam Opel GmbH to Magna International Inc. was untainted by politics? People aren’t calling it Government Motors for nothing. The structure of the German Trust holding 65 percent of Opel allows for an impasse between GM and German government representatives. There is no tie-breaking provision. The only way out is political. One analysis I heard offered speculation that the United States government may not “allow” GM to use its improved cash position to invest in European operations. Remember that the … Continue reading International Government Motors

Tehran to Terrorists

A developing story in the Levant today may lead to a greater impact on the legacy of United States President Barack Obama than will yesterday’s gubernatorial election losses for the Democrats. As the White House, mainstream media, and talk radio spinners tried to put their own partisan-inspired twists on interpreting the voters’ message in New Jersey and Virginia, the Israeli navy was seizing another shipment of arms in the pipeline from Tehran to Terrorists. The Associated Press story is available on The unusual seizure of another weapons cargo in a routine interception by the Israeli navy brought to light … Continue reading Tehran to Terrorists

Round and Round We Go

The leaders of that wacky Iranian terror regime sure know how to hold a consistent view. On Wednesday of this week the Islamic fascist terror state will mark the thirtieth anniversary of its takeover of the United States Embassy, with anti-Western rallies likely to be held again in front of the old embassy building. It was on November 4, 1979 that radical Islamic student thugs took 52 American hostages and effectively declared war on the West on behalf of fundamentalist Islam. They were backed by the ayatollahs and now many of those same radicals may be found among the power … Continue reading Round and Round We Go