In Other Words

I have a lot to say about such things as the “Copenhagen Accord,” the collectivist threat presented by a disintegrating United States of America, and the existential threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Never have I felt more concern for the future of man than in 2009. It is not writers’ block preventing me from stating these concerns more explicitly. It is a matter of time for further study and for clearly formulating the right message.

This brings me to today. The right message is that I wish you a “Merry Christmas”. In other words—since the essence of that wish can be stated so many ways—I wish to all individuals the spirit of good will toward other men. By that I do not mean that all men should try to turn over everything they have earned to those who think they know better how to spend it. I wish that if you choose to value charity, no one—especially your government—will stand in your way by forcing you to help someone for whom you have no concern.  If you wish to support someone you love—who has earned all that is inferred by that unique emotion—I wish that you will not be enslaved by your government, thereby rendering you incapable of free association with others.

Every day I wish for you the simple things, such as showing your good will by letting some desperate driver stuck in traffic turn from a side street into the main flow, rather than deliberately cutting him off.  I wish that you may say “Merry Christmas” to any person on the street without bringing down the wrath of the self-appointed administrators of “political-correctness”.  

I wish that you will understand you have the right to your own life, therefore to its self-defence and the right of free association with whomever will agree to have anything to do with you. I wish that your society will agree to live together in harmony, and will be sufficiently sophisticated and civilized enough to institute a body of paid administrators to provide for the securing of your rights.

I wish that your administrator government will be directed by your society to protect your person against the few criminals among us, the frauds and the cheats, and the foreign, primitive savages whose stated intent is to destroy you and your society and force it to serve some mystical incarnation of an imaginary god.

In other words, I wish everyone the liberty to do what they will with their lives without infringing on the rights of others, including the expression of good will. In other words, I wish you the recognition of rights today and beyond.

I wish a “Merry Christmas” and a flourishing New Year to all.

©Copyright 2009 Edward Podritske

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