Random Stories Earn Consistent Comment

Tiger Woods

The mind and body are inextricably linked. There is no soul-body dichotomy. Tiger will continue to perform as a superb golfer (as long as he doesn’t cheat). His conduct at the “19th hole” and beyond reveals much about his incomplete development as a human being. His primary moral obligation now is to maintain some practical level of relationship with his wife for the sake of the children they’ve brought into existence. Any “obligation” to golf fans is subordinate.

Jesse James

Clearly, an essential aspect of this man’s knowledge and psychology is the adornment of human bodies—his own and those with which he attempts clandestine affairs—with as many tattoos as sadism and masochism allow. It is a continuing source of astonishment to me how intelligent, honest and productive individuals are duped by character charlatans like Jesse James. I understand that James is an excellent mechanic though.

Sandra Bullock

If I were her friend I would certainly advise her to stay away from Jesse James. To be fooled once is shame on James. To be fooled twice is shame on Miss Bullock. Sandra Bullock will probably think through this situation and exercise considerable caution in moving forward with the rest of her accomplished life. Good for her. She learns from mistakes. People like James keep repeating their errors and are quick to blame their volitional acts on some psycho-babble version of “addiction”.

“Obama-care” (so-called)

Also known as “health care reform” this package deal of unaffordable mandates and privilege granting is anything but reform in a good sense. When the bill was passed, United States President Obama made reference to this initiative taken against the American people as a “response to the call of history”. He was correct in that statement, but it was certainly the wrong call he was answering. An answer to the pleas of primitive politics and the economic ignorance of thinkers like Lenin, Marx, Mao, Hobbes and Keynes for example, is no answer at all—but a betrayal in the name of political power over others.

Middle East

The current leader of the semi-free world fiddles as the Middle East smoulders. While diddling around with version 6.0 of proposed “tougher” United Nations sanctions against Iran, its leaders have stepped up the defiant rhetoric against the U.S. The mullahs and Iranian President Ahmadinejad must be laughing five times a day at how easy it is to fool the neophyte leader of the “Great Satan”. As Iran comes closer to developing nuclear weaponry it is likely that two unintended consequences will spark into flame. This state-sponsor of terror against the West will supply “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) to junior rogue states in the Middle East and probably Latin America (Venezuela, for example,) while Saudi Arabia will step up its own capacity for wreaking havoc as it competes with Iran for regional hegemony. The smouldering Middle East is likely to burst into full conflagration. Fiddle, diddle.

Sarah Palin

I am still unable to get past Sarah Palin’s remarkable presence as the perfect Lenscrafters’ model. Nevertheless, this earnest woman has much to say that makes sense, and much that doesn’t. There is ambivalence too in the phenomenon she has become for the North American public. The complex psychology and superficial understanding of political reality by both the media and many citizens is an enigma. That people at varying levels of intellectual sophistication are so threatened by the existence of Sarah Palin that they hold a semi-violent rancour toward her is at once puzzling and disgusting.

Ann Coulter

Firebrand arch-conservative speaker and writer Ann Coulter ran up against the reality of “politically correct” behavioural modification in Canada recently. The political divisions in the Great White North are even more myriad and pronounced than they are in the U.S., thanks to the officially declared “values” of diversity in that country. Protestors at the University of Ottawa managed to raise security concerns to the level that Miss Coulter’s scheduled appearance was cancelled. Ignoring the fact that some people obviously wanted to hear her speak and were unafraid of having their minds manipulated like modelling clay, commentators sympathetic to the protestors averred that these largely “peaceful” protestors simply did not want to hear what she had to say. If they had any power of reason remaining within their irrational political stance they might realize that they could choose to simply not show up. Their actions reveal the real motivation for protest, however; they do not want anyone else to have the option of hearing Ann Coulter either. “Elitism” is a consequence of diversity politics.

Retirement of United States Supreme Court Justice Stevens

Some have already commented that President Obama’s nominee, certain to be designated as liberal, will not result in a material change to the makeup of the Court since Stevens has been a liberal influence ever since his 1975 appointment. The President may yet surprise everyone and nominate a proponent of Sharia law or perhaps an openly gay justice in an effort to continue the advance of his “change” agenda. Seriously, and ever more likely, Obama’s nominee will be an enemy of the U.S. Constitution; an advocate of a “flexible” interpretation of a “living” document. In that instance, and despite the distraction the confirmation hearings will prove to be, the nominee will be confirmed before the mid-term elections. The future of the United States will then look much darker indeed, as creeping socialism escalates into even more oppressive tyranny against the individual.


Always dangerous to make, since no one can know in advance what populations of individuals possessing free will, will do next, I will nevertheless go out on a limb and offer two. One is a short term prognostication. The other is longer term, but not by much.

Prediction One

Between now and the November mid-term elections in the U.S. there will be politically-inspired violence and likely significant bloodshed. This is a consequence of leaders of a fractious nation ignoring the great divisions among the electorate and forging ahead with controversial and arbitrary law-making (such as the recent health care legislation). The violence will be instigated by some notable but relatively minor population segments: union thugs, sleeper terrorists, Neo-Nazis, “skinheads”, Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, self-appointed border patrol agents or some unhinged sniper acting alone. The violence will be blamed by some in the irresponsible media on “racist” opposition to the President or on particular idea advocacy. Calls to place restrictions on some media (other than newspapers) may be re-introduced.

Prediction Two

The Obama Administration will last one term. This will be entirely due to the economic recession which will still be with the Americans for many years beyond 2012. The massive debt, burgeoning deficit budgets, weakening U.S. dollar, restrictions on productivity such as various “emissions” controls, and the flight of capital to countries with better economic fundamentals will manifest itself at the polls in the form of disgruntled voters. Although more than one-half of the eligible voters now pay no taxes on income, suggesting continued democratic support of a welfare state, there remains an element of recognition in American cultural history and legacy that will lead to a backlash. Already there is talk of a value-added tax in the style of Europe and Canada, which places an onerous burden on every citizen. The currently untaxed will soon become rapidly aware of what a fiction “no new taxes” represents for those “earning less than $200,000 per year”. The campaign slogan of an earlier time could be revised from “It’s the economy, stupid,” to “It’s the stupid economy.”

©Copyright 2010 Edward Podritske

3 thoughts on “Random Stories Earn Consistent Comment

  1. Great new format that provides just enough information to peak the interest of “joe public” to become a steady subscriber!

  2. This new format hits the essence of each topic in concise and fundamental way. The LENSCRAFTER image desires a Cartoon comment

  3. These ‘random’ observations make a lot of sense and indicate that it is possible to think in principles no matter the topic. Rather than viewing everything as a discrete and unrelated occurence, it is refreshing to read a perspective that relies on the fundamentals.

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