The More Things…

From the Associated Press today:

Tens of thousands of workers marched in cities from Hong Kong to Istanbul Saturday to mark international worker’s day, demanding more jobs, better work conditions and higher wages.

A year ago today, I published a comment on “May Day” observations. Although “workers” in Greece and elsewhere may have their own spin on how to resolve the crisis of their country’s insolvency in the latest economic manifestation of the consequences of collectivism, nothing has fundamentally changed for the better in my view. “Better” would be a trend away from collectivism and toward individualism as a basic value objective.

As a personal milestone however, today marks 12 full calendar months since I began publishing my observations on political economy and other matters. My first article appeared April 10, 2009, and examined the concept of immigration. Other than the ugly situation developing in Arizona, nothing remarkable has occurred since, and there is no progress on the understanding of rights by those in political power.

I take this opportunity to thank readers in general and subscribers in particular for paying some attention to my comments as they appear somewhat irregularly. In the past year I’ve published 97 articles on this site. The average length is about 750 words, although many run in excess of 2,000.

The most popular article I’ve published in the past year is Free Haiti! followed closely by Going Prorogue. My personal favourite, although it did not attract wide readership, remains Dwindling Minorities.

I plan to continue this project and attempt to earn more readers and subscribers. Thank you.

Copyright 2010 Edward Podritske

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