Terror Tactic

From Stockholm a Reuters story speculates about connections to an apparently foiled attack by a suicide bomber last Saturday. A premature detonation caused an explosive-laden vehicle to burst into flames killing the bomber, Taymour Abdulwahab.

A local security spokesperson was reported to have said that a team of investigators, including the FBI, was looking for “links with blasts elsewhere”.

Initially, Swedish authorities speculated that Abdulwahab had accomplices and was possibly targeting the central railway station or a large department store.

Looking for links to blasts elsewhere? The article contained the following statements:

“…Middle East-born suicide bomber Taymour Abdulwahab….

“Abdulwahab’s family moved to Sweden from the Middle East in 1992….

“… (He) became more radical after moving to study and (to) live in England.

“…online…messages from an admirer…threatened more such attacks unless Western troops left Afghanistan.

“People at the Luton (in England) mosque which Abdulwahab attended in 2007 said he…attracted attention after spreading radical views.

“Luton has a large Muslim community.

“The suicide bombers behind the July 2005 attack on London’s transport system met there (at the Luton mosque) at the start of their operation.”

Also quoted was an Islamism scholar’s blog: “‘…I would be very surprised if (he) took orders from…AQ (al Qaeda) …’” Some would try to eliminate any connection between this terrorist and organized terror.

Valuable as a detailed investigation of bomb fragments, possible accomplices and family connections might be to the accumulation of evidence, the minutiae are effects emanating from an essential cause which is largely unacknowledged.

The many terror attacks that have paralyzed political thinking since the Iranian revolution in 1979 are effects not causes. Terror is a tactic of war. War is a strategy of the State.

The Republic of Iran is based on fundamentalist Islamic principles, which are anathema to natural rights. It is the single largest state-sponsor of terror.

Iran deploys the largest military presence in the Middle East after the US. It seeks nuclear weapons capability. It trades in armaments with another rogue state, North Korea.

Iran threatens Israel existentially and competes for regional hegemony with Saudi Arabia.

Iran is influencing and providing material support for radical Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran influences other states such as Syria; it supports Islamist terror groups including Hezbollah in Lebanon, Palestinian Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Links to blasts? It’s like comparing fallen maple leaves to other fallen maple leaves while ignoring the only mature maple tree on the lot as you try to figure out if the leaves came from the same tree.

©Copyright 2010 Edward Podritske

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