Suffering Suffrage

Canadians head to the polls May 2 for the fifth federal general election this century—more precisely, probably more than one-half of eligible voters will exercise their suffrage. The last election in 2008 was the first since confederation in which voter turnout dropped below 60 percent. Voter participation in Canada has usually been greater than that of its American neighbour, but with the unusually interesting 2008 campaign in the United States, even the Americans had a better turnout. Concern has risen over generally declining rates of voter participation in western democracies. Who is concerned? In most cases it appears to be … Continue reading Suffering Suffrage

On Government and Other Looters

On March 23 an opposition non-confidence motion was passed by a margin of 11 votes in the Canadian House of Commons. Parliament was subsequently dissolved and another Canadian election will be held on May 2. On April 4, US President Barack Obama announced his intention to seek re-election in November 2012. Meanwhile, gridlock in the US Congress over negotiations to cut government spending threatens shutdown of the US government. In June of last year, the New Flemish Alliance, a Dutch separatist party emerged as the largest following elections in Belgium. The various political parties could not form a governing coalition … Continue reading On Government and Other Looters