Kiss Off

There have been overtures made to me regarding the kissing couple featured in my last essay. It was pointed out by one commenter that viewed from the opposite perspective it seemed the young man was helping the young woman to resuscitate, she perhaps having lost her breath after being knocked down by the mob revellers. Another source has suggested to me that a parent of the young man in the photo actually recognized him and confirmed that yes; in fact he was trying diligently to revive the young woman. I would only ask that, especially of those among you who … Continue reading Kiss Off

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

The¬†picture of an amorous Vancouver couple, locked in a kiss following the home team loss in the Stanley Cup Final, has been widely described in positive terms. Against the backdrop of a destructive mob with a stoic riot cop in the foreground, the seemingly spatchcocked image of the couple has captured worldwide attention as perhaps the sole bit of sanity amidst the collective violence. Writers at national newspapers have opined that they would take kissing over the mob violence any day. My view is that this picture captures perfectly, in symbolic terms, a decline of individualism in ethics. I refer … Continue reading A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

Stamp Out Canada Post

There is relatively little news coverage of the rotating strikes and lockouts involving Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). It appears that because few Canadians care about it the major media provides only cursory reportage. Fatigue over the troubled labour history of the institution probably has much to do with the disinterest. Now might be a good time to wind up the Crown Corporation and make its assets available to the private sector in an orderly liquidation. In other words: stamp out Canada Post. Sympathy for Postal Workers Very little sympathy exists for postal workers paid … Continue reading Stamp Out Canada Post