Kiss Off

There have been overtures made to me regarding the kissing couple featured in my last essay.

It was pointed out by one commenter that viewed from the opposite perspective it seemed the young man was helping the young woman to resuscitate, she perhaps having lost her breath after being knocked down by the mob revellers.

Making Love Not War?

Another source has suggested to me that a parent of the young man in the photo actually recognized him and confirmed that yes; in fact he was trying diligently to revive the young woman.

I would only ask that, especially of those among you who have been trained in proper resuscitation methods, does the image show poses consistent with recognized practices.

Breath of Life

Clearly the young man, perhaps an amateur in first aid, has chosen an awkward stance for practicing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And, the young woman, grateful though she may be for his efforts, appears to be enjoying the intercourse more lasciviously than is consistent with someone undergoing a state of medical emergency.

But, I do digress. The point of my essay was to draw a metaphorical picture encapsulating what I thought was the perfect manifestation of a decline in individualistic ethics. That position does not change.

The picture speaks volumes; the volumes are writ large with collectivist ethics and disregard for the rights of individuals. As such I stand by my interpretation of the illustrative scene.

©Copyright 2011 Edward Podritske

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