Home Grown Terror


An unnamed official, through the assistance of mainstream media, is encouraging an atmosphere of “home grown” terror in North America. This is not news to those who understand the tactics of terror; unfortunately, it is mainly the terrorists who possess this understanding.

A Reuters story dated 6 July 2011 has the aforementioned unnamed official effectively warning us that terrorists may be scheming to have undetectable explosive devices surgically implanted in their bodies. This would make it easier to smuggle them onto airplanes for later detonation. The unnamed official, according to the story, stresses that no attacks are imminent however. (Foregoing emphasis mine.)

The predictable reaction to this possibility, according to spokesman Nicholas Kimball for the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is “enhanced security measures”. So, air travellers to the United States can expect to be groped more, harrassed more and generally abused more.

Of course, should such a plot be attempted it is unlikely that a TSA official will ever stop it. The TSA has yet to catch a single terrorist. Increasing the level of passenger harrassment is unlikely to increase its success rate. Focus on profiling of potential perpetrators is still apparently taboo. Treating all travellers as potential terrorists—including children, the elderly and infirm—is the preferred State tactic.

Lack of success is no barrier to expansion of power by State officials however. The old saying about when holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, was never more apt. John Pistole, head of the TSA, is on record as wanting TSA agents posted at bus and train stations as well as airports. It has also been reported that the highway stops near border points have increased in frequency and the level of intrusion more pronounced. That is, drivers and passengers in private vehicles have been questioned about their movements and it has been suggested by their interrogators that they ought to routinely carry their visas or citizenship papers with them.

Travellers to and within the US may be forgiven if they feel intimidated or fearful. The question is to what extent has this state of uncertainty been perpetrated by the supposed protectors of those who fall within the jurisdiction of a semi-free country.

Terrorists had a spectacular and gruesome success in September of 2001. The continuing feelings of fear and intimidation in recent years are goals of terror tactics. Is the fear and intimidation a real consequence of actual events, or the result of a gradual erosion of individual liberties by an intrusive State apparatus?

©Copyright 2011 Edward Podritske


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