The Turmoil of Being Turmel

  Nycole Turmel is the acting leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP), relieving Jack Layton who recently stepped down to deal with personal health priorities. It did not take long for the neophyte leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons to get into trouble. Nycole From “The Bloc” Nycole Turmel has come under widespread criticism in light of the revelation that she was once a card-carrying member of the Bloc Québécois, a Quebec nationalist federal party on the left wing of the commonly-used political spectrum. “The Bloc”, as it is referred to in most of … Continue reading The Turmoil of Being Turmel

AAA Tax Rating

Moody’s credit rating agency has maintained the U.S. government’s credit rating at “AAA”. Its review, which began on July 13, was coincidentally completed today with the following public statement: “We have confirmed the AAA government bond rating now that the statutory debt limit has been raised.” (Emphasis added.) The agency need not have bothered with the charade of an independent review during the eleventh hour political bickering in Washington if all it was going to do was sanction an increase in borrowing capacity once it was passed by Congress. Bond investors look for safety in the “full faith and credit” … Continue reading AAA Tax Rating

Lies, Damn Lies and Politicians

Ever since Senator John McCain indulged himself in last Thursday’s Senate floor rant mocking the Tea Party constituency, there has been continuing criticism of Congressional members who refuse to compromise. McCain was challenged publicly for his disparaging remarks, and in an apparent move to pacify Tea Party supporters, attenuated his Congressional statements by saying he only meant to convey his disagreement with the obstinacy of this caucus. On Sunday, Senator Jon Kyl sort of agreed. He thought it was a shame that a few senators “standing on principle” could not be budged from their position when most everyone else thought … Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies and Politicians