Khadr the Canadian

Republished in view of recent controversy over Canadian government appeasement of this young war criminal.  Omar Ahmed Khadr is about as Canadian as a Chiquita-brand banana. The unrepentant confessed murderer and terrorist would fit in like a tropical fruit tree planted in Tuktoyaktuk. Khadr was born 19 September 1986 in Toronto; that is the only relevant fact presented by those who advocate repatriation. All other supporting argument stems from this fact, including the prospect that Khadr may be able to successfully sue the Canadian government for damages, alleging its complicity in condemning him to the comfortable horror of Guantanamo Bay. … Continue reading Khadr the Canadian

SOS: Stay Out of Syria

Unwittingly, Turkey and Syria collaborated to give the west more reason to stay out of the Syrian civil war. Syria, accidentally, deliberately or in outright blunder shot down a Turkish jet fighter that entered its airspace last Friday. Turkey is a NATO member and is entitled to call upon its partners to respond to an attack against one as an attack against all. A NATO conference has been called to craft a response to the incident. Harbouring defectors leaving the Syrian regime, Turkey may have presented itself as a provocateur. Syria was entitled to engage an aircraft entering its airspace, … Continue reading SOS: Stay Out of Syria

The Bully Class

The disturbing story of an older school bus monitor bullied by a group of young school kids is more about class conflict than bullying. “Bullying” is just a name for any remotely similar incident requiring a convenient label for media and public consumption. It discourages further analysis. Bullies we’re told are cowards, so they intimidate from a position of superior physical strength or numbers; you can add social class as a factor. These bastards taunted Karen Klein because they thought they could do so with impunity by virtue of their assumed superiority. In watching their entire video it is readily … Continue reading The Bully Class

The More Things Change

There was a day when most university students would be out hustling for summer jobs at this time of year if they were not already working. In Montreal the perpetual student protesters mingled with the moneyed elite Thursday night in advance of the festival season. The event they tried to disrupt kicks off the Canadian Grand Prix race this weekend. The protesting Quebec university students evidently have a lot of free time at their disposal. Universities used to be places where you (or your benefactors) paid for a well-rounded liberal arts education; the only concession to training for a profession might … Continue reading The More Things Change

What Is Not Wrong With Luka Magnotta?

If Luka Magnotta is indeed the murderer in the bizarre case of an online “snuff” video and corpse dismemberment, let’s hope the bastard is killed in the process of trying to elude capture and arrest. Why? The elimination by whatever means of such an embodiment of evil will spare us the agonizingly protracted trial sure to follow. In such theatrical surroundings we would likely be treated to testimony supporting the notion that the criminal is not completely responsible for his actions. The witch doctors masquerading as psychologists and psychiatrists would unfavourably influence the process of criminal justice. The stage is … Continue reading What Is Not Wrong With Luka Magnotta?