What Is Not Wrong With Luka Magnotta?

If Luka Magnotta is indeed the murderer in the bizarre case of an online “snuff” video and corpse dismemberment, let’s hope the bastard is killed in the process of trying to elude capture and arrest.

Why? The elimination by whatever means of such an embodiment of evil will spare us the agonizingly protracted trial sure to follow. In such theatrical surroundings we would likely be treated to testimony supporting the notion that the criminal is not completely responsible for his actions.

The witch doctors masquerading as psychologists and psychiatrists would unfavourably influence the process of criminal justice. The stage is already being set with news reports referencing Mr. Magnotta’s apparent “narcissism”.

Murderers Walk Among Us

One is reminded of the case of Vincent Li who was found not criminally responsible in the grotesque murder of Tim McLean. Mr. Li supposedly gave no indication of his brutally violent tendencies until suddenly and savagely stabbing his victim to death on a Greyhound bus.

Li carried on his “not criminally responsible” behaviour for an extended period during which he decapitated the victim, dismembered and cannibalized him. It came out that he had been “hearing voices from God” for about 4 years prior. The diagnosed schizophrenic will be released among the general population in due course following his medical recovery, which includes maintenance by medication.

And Raise Families

Then there is Karla Homolka, the serial killer who was an active participant in the rape and murder of at least 3 women, one of whom was her own sister. She served 12 years for her involvement in these crimes but is now living out her life as a mother of 3 somewhere in Canada. Her husband and partner in the crimes is spending life in prison. Karla made a plea bargain by claiming she was an unwilling participant who had been abused by her husband.

The thing all have in common is that some alleged outside influence impacts their bizarre behaviour. Rarely does anyone in the criminal justice system or in modern psychotherapy admit that criminals are directly responsible for their own warped choices over a lifetime of options. Perhaps the trend to cognitive psychology and away from behavioral psychology will someday restore some justice to criminal proceedings.

And Appear on TV

Meanwhile, under the heading of “you can’t make up this stuff”—at least if you’re writing scripts for television and Hollywood—we will have the opportunity to pay for another dramatization of events loosely based on these real atrocities and miscarriages of justice.

©Copyright 2012 Edward Podritske

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