Lessons in Buck Passing

President Truman famously said of his office “the buck stops here”.

President Obama apparently believes that the buck stops wherever and whenever he finds it most convenient.

In levelling yet another spurious attack against candidate Romney relative to his former role at Bain Capital, president Obama was quoted from a recent interview at a television station in Virginia:

“So, you know, as president of the United States, one of the things I’ve learned…was anything that happens on my watch is my responsibility. That’s what people expect.”

A couple of observations come to mind. One is that I guess there really is a first time for everything; in this case, it’s president Obama accepting responsibility for his office.

The other thing is that to this point Obama has attributed everything that happens on his watch to George W. Bush. Well, at least the negative things—that is, most of what characterizes his administration—have been blamed on his predecessor.

©Copyright 2012 Edward Podritske

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