Obligation to Work

It is a characteristic of human nature that man must work in order to survive. That is, man does not possess physical advantages to forage for survival nor does he have an instinct to guide him in self-preservation. The defining attribute of man is his mind. He must think and act in accord with a chosen path of productiveness in order to survive. Anything that obstructs or impairs him in this quest that is not present in nature is destructive and evil. Barriers placed in the way of man’s creativity and productivity by other men are immoral.

One must keep in mind the foregoing facts of reality when considering the violent actions of many of the approximately 10 to 12 thousand union protesters rampaging over the grounds of Michigan’s leglislature. Even at a slightly less fundamental level there appears to be some contradiction in their actions. They are gathered under their right of free assembly to protest what? The right of free assembly!

This is why a fundamental approach is necessary. Keeping in mind that all humans should be able to freely associate and that this right should be enshrined in all governing constitutions and protected and enforced by governing bodies, it is pretty clear that these union leaders and membership are fighting, often violently, to protect a position of privilege. This requires that some be left out, otherwise it is not a privilege. Privilege in this context is government enforced and it is a barrier to the creativity and productivity of other men. It is immoral.

©Copyright 2012 Edward Podritske

One thought on “Obligation to Work

  1. It is way past time that reason comes to bear on this issue. Thank you for a “reasonable” comment. The union leaders are the ones driving this crap; their role in the modern world is anachronistic.

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