Happy Independence Day to Americans, wherever they may be found today. I wonder how many remain who understand the significance of the concept of independence? Discuss.

Related concepts include life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Beer, picnics, fireworks, hot dogs and holidays from work just don’t seem to be enough anymore, as tasty and fun as those fine things may be. Is there more?

One thought on “Independence

  1. Dear Ed, Great to see you in action again. I am posting a footnote to the Preface of Objective Economics II. I hope to finish it this summer. Northrup
    For Objectivist conferences, I did two lectures on the modern business cycle in 1985 and two lectures on the theory of economic growth in 1996. They were good lectures, particularly the second set. Hopefully, they are still out there in somebody’s files somewhere. The 1985 lectures have been superseded by the current regime of zero interest rates. No other economies in the history of the world have ever had zero interest rates, at all, over any period of time, much less for nine years. This regime has been created by the world’s central banks and their absolute control over money. I do not think that there is anyone in any central bank anywhere who knows what they are doing. There does not seem to be any way to tell how it will end, except that it seems certain to end badly, and probably very badly.

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