Canada’s “Up in Smoke”

While forest fires rage in central British Columbia, the government of Canada under Justin Trudeau is blowing smoke from Ottawa with its proposed Cannabis Act. I’ve received a short survey request from the Member of Parliament (MP) for my area who says he wants to know ” . . . (my) thoughts on some of the specifics regarding the legislation, . . ..” I’ve responded to the survey in the context of my fundamental views on such legislation. The simplest and most moral action for the government to take is to de-criminalize the cultivation, production and consumption of cannabis, leaving … Continue reading Canada’s “Up in Smoke”

Just The Facts 

I don’t want to defend Donald Trump; I still think he’s a megalomaniac who successfully exploited the worst prejudices of American voters to gain the office of president. Of course, there were those who voted against Hillary Clinton in the process of electing Mr. Trump and I do understand that.  The beauty of the American system of electoral colleges however, is that it settles procedural disputes so neatly and keeps Americans a step away from mob rule. (More sophisticatedly known as “democracy”.) So it is of particular interest and concern that I observe the obsession of American media with the … Continue reading Just The Facts 

Keeping Out “Extremists”

President Trump delivered a well-received speech in Poland. He at least tried to defend western values although his promise to keep terrorism and extremism out of America was off the mark. “Extremism” is a rubber term that equates extreme good with extreme evil. The term is a package-dealing tool of the political leftists and generally anti-American sentiment.  Continue reading Keeping Out “Extremists”