Just The Facts 

I don’t want to defend Donald Trump; I still think he’s a megalomaniac who successfully exploited the worst prejudices of American voters to gain the office of president. Of course, there were those who voted against Hillary Clinton in the process of electing Mr. Trump and I do understand that. 

The beauty of the American system of electoral colleges however, is that it settles procedural disputes so neatly and keeps Americans a step away from mob rule. (More sophisticatedly known as “democracy”.)

So it is of particular interest and concern that I observe the obsession of American media with the legitimacy of the Trump administration. The allegations of Russian interference with the electoral process is a case in point. You would almost have to be asleep not to have noticed. 

Where’s the evidence? Conjecture and subjective moral condemnation is not enough. The election of Trump was a reflection of the state of American culture. 

Accept the facts. The choice of American voters through its fine system was Trump. If you don’t like it, what is the alternative? 

Impeachment is not the answer. An establishment of leftist intellectuals may think so because the use of force is their traditional way of achieving goals. 

The proper way forward for American media is to objectively address the fundamental issues as they arise rather than continuously trying to ferret out its leftist conception of evil. 

For example, where is the objective analysis of so-called healthcare reform? The Trump campaign said it would repeal “Obamacare”. With a concession to the moral principle underlying this monstrous violation of individual rights, the Trump administration proposes a revision of the same fundamental error. This, rather than moving forward with a principled free market option that most Americans would grasp, particularly if some transitional system were established to deal with the uninsured or pre-existing conditions.

Those sorts of considerations are factually based and understood by most Americans, including the least sophisticated individuals. The media does a great disservice by ignoring them in favor of Utopian fantasies. 

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