Canadian, Watch Thyself

John Ibbotson of The Globe and Mail in Canada offers that “The fascists are mobilizing in Donald Trump’s name.” What follows his opening remarks is the observation that the US Justice Department is going to start investigating universities for discrimination against white applicants. His apparently condemnatory conclusion is that this “. . .is how this administration views affirmative-action programs”.

This conclusion is on a par with the reasoning of the anti-conceptual Donald Trump. There is unlikely any connection between the truth that affirmative-action programs are racist and the administration’s actions regarding this investigation. A principled approach would have been setting the goal of eliminating all such racist policies regardless of what class they are directed toward or against.

Instead of Ibbotson’s focus on fascists (of which both Left and Right variations exist) he could have noted the cultural deterioration of America, particularly since the rise of the New Left, starting with the Berkeley riots of the 1960s. He could have noted the subsequent intellectual deterioration of academia to a disintegrating anti-conceptual approach to history and the humanities. The result includes worthless studies built around narrow concretes put forward by every class and sub-class of special interest in conflict.

The truth is that a significant portion of the US population has been alienated by the dominant Leftist-inspired academic disintegration. There is a divide between those who champion the state and socialist programs (primarily the Left) and those who champion the individual and capitalism (sometimes the Right).

As with any such divergence there are those on the fringes of the basic position. These fringes have grown since the rise of the angrier New Left and in concert we’ve recently seen the resurgence of an angry Right faction.

Donald Trump is not the inspiration and has no political platform representing the Fascists as is suggested by Ibbotson. Trump is the result of this festering conflict which now leaves Americans with four years of unprincipled leadership. It is not Trump that represents a danger but what sort of populist, tyrannical figure may follow in the chaos of his footsteps.

Ibbotson concludes as a Canadian on the outside looking in that Canadians can do little but “. . .watch in horror and pray”. I suggest that Canadians do more. They could start with a look inward at the phony consensus of Canada’s official policy of “multiculturalism” with special status for some classes of individuals over others. Selfless Canadians are ripe for molding by a future tyranny.

©Copyright 2017 Edward Podritske

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