No “News” is Good News

As commented on already, the Canadian government is poised to increase financial support to Canadian media enterprise. It should be obvious that government support of media is an incubator for tyranny. Yet, as revealed in this pathetic bit of journalism the issue isn’t entirely clear. Overlooking the results of a poll that shows forty-one percent of those polled opposed increased funding of this nature, the article rambles on to cover the seemingly harmless issue of the government financing the “independence” of Canadian media enterprise. Such is the state of the “watchdog” we citizens have to inform and protect us from … Continue reading No “News” is Good News

“Turkey” Roast

The various and numerous tribes of Islam are confusing to westerners and apparently troubling to some Muslim theocrats. Under the leadership of Kemal Ataturk, the nation of Turkey began a process of “westernization” following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire after World War I. The secular Republic of Turkey became a cosmopolitan oasis for westerners in Europe (“Eurasia” if you prefer) and until recently it was a pleasure to at least visit its capitol Ankara. So civilized was Turkey that it was welcomed into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) three years after its formation in 1949. An attack on … Continue reading “Turkey” Roast

Muddying the Economy

We’re going to see more stories like this one in which a number of restaurant owners discuss ways in which they attempt to reduce costs and/or raise prices as a response to arbitrary minimum wage laws. Eventually, operations that survive will either have cut the service choice for consumers or will have had to move into a higher priced category that many consumers cannot afford. Restaurant workers may earn nominally higher wages but the business model will remain relatively unchanged. The economy, which represents the millions of choices and actions of trade over time will ensure that stability. What is … Continue reading Muddying the Economy

“Free” Press

It is small wonder much of the media in Canada seems to support virtually every liberal government idea. It’s no error to make such a generalization because apparently the Canadian government has been financially supporting media enterprise in Canada for a very long time. According to a Canadian Press article the support dates to the pre-internet era and needs to be reviewed to update it. Justin Trudeau is apparently preoccupied with this issue as described in the article. Of course he is. If there’s a greater fan of the prime minister than Canadian media organizations I am unaware. There is … Continue reading “Free” Press

Bastards Among Us

I don’t know the details of evidence surrounding the charging, convicting and sentencing of Larry Nassar, the disgraced former US Gymnastics team doctor who apparently abused his patients sexually. However, I find it troubling that a judge would express his views in sentencing the man to what amounts to the rest of his life in prison in terms of “honor and privilege” as reported. Judges are dispassionate in their special roles in civilized societies. Continue reading Bastards Among Us

Climate Spending

I was informed that the “science is settled” on “climate change”. The “activists,” politicians, fear-mongers and many scientists around the world apparently don’t think so. A news item today reveals what’s really at stake and that is government spending on “climate change” research, particularly at universities. An open letter signed by an international group of 250 scientists urges the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to reconsider its cutting of a funding program for research in the Canadian Arctic relative to “climate change”. The signatories, apparently promoted by some group called Evidence For Democracy, are concerned that Canada is dropping what … Continue reading Climate Spending

Rights Not Force

Rights, observed Ayn Rand, is such a new concept that few men understand it. The main point of rights and that of most common misunderstanding is the issue of force. We have the inalienable right to conduct our lives as we want but not to initiate force against another. That would be a contradiction because it infringes on the rights equally held by others. In few instances is the confusion and failure to understand rights more apparent than in collectivist demonstrations such as “women’s rights” protests against president Trump. Reading the linked article (about demonstrations in Canada) will inform you … Continue reading Rights Not Force

What a Bloody Mess

Amidst the fallout following the actions of a few Tim Hortons franchisees to cut costs in order to mitigate the impact of higher minimum wage laws, the real villain is overlooked. Yes, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne knows nothing about the concept of individual rights and has no clue about economics. She’s merely parroting the bad ideas absorbed from pseudo-intellectuals without question or appeal to reality. Sure, the franchise operators who clawed back some employee benefits in order to reduce costs may have acted in haste. Their actions seem to have been directed at the Premier in retaliation for the ridiculous … Continue reading What a Bloody Mess

The Final Year

Chris Knight prefaces his review article on “The Final Year,” with a warning; the film may make you cry. That’s because, in a fit of emotional nostalgia you’ll so miss the Obama administration on which the film focuses. Your tears will be prompted more particularly because of the “inarticulate” president currently residing in the White House. I am no supporter of Mr. Trump but no pandering film on the first anti-American president in US history will make me burst into tears. Obama’s legacy in foreign policy may be the worst aspect of his pathetic years as president, as he prostrated … Continue reading The Final Year

“Crying Wolf” Still Works

I think it’s honourable that the the family of the eleven year old girl who lied about being attacked has issued a public apology. It seems there is much concern in the wake of this event that other victims of real “hate crimes” will be reluctant to come forward for fear they will not be believed. I don’t think anyone need worry about that given the conduct of our prime minister and others who will not apologize for their overreaction. As long as the victims ensure to check whether they’re part of the favoured political cause of the day, even … Continue reading “Crying Wolf” Still Works