Let’s Start With a Definition 

Hassan Yussuff is president of the Canadian Labour Congress and thinks it’s high time Canadians recognized that “Islamophobia” is apparently running rampant in Canada. 

In an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail the organized Labour leader averred that Canadians need to be “educated” on the issue of “Islamophobia.”

Aside from the obvious paternalism of someone who wants to collectively “educate” Canadians about his dubious opinions there is the non-starter of the subject. “Islamophobia” remains undefined. 

The term has no referents in reality and is therefore an abstraction. As a matter of fact it appears to suggest it’s part of the scientific specialty of psychology. 

So please, will all of you central planners and social engineers out there show that you at least define your terms before attempting to “educate” anyone? That is, anyone who  chooses to be so “educated”.

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