The Final Year

Chris Knight prefaces his review article on “The Final Year,” with a warning; the film may make you cry.

That’s because, in a fit of emotional nostalgia you’ll so miss the Obama administration on which the film focuses.

Your tears will be prompted more particularly because of the “inarticulate” president currently residing in the White House.

I am no supporter of Mr. Trump but no pandering film on the first anti-American president in US history will make me burst into tears.

Obama’s legacy in foreign policy may be the worst aspect of his pathetic years as president, as he prostrated himself before the world’s worst dictatorships both literally (in formal introductions) and figuratively (in his speeches) abroad.

Domestically, Obama’s policies failed generally to protect individual rights or defend the constitution. He saw America as something he did not like and acted to make it over in the image of the European welfare state.

Canada (Europe light), that egalitarian cesspool in which equality of outcome is the ideal, will have many selfless politicians and the intellectual establishment crying in their popcorn as they view this film.

I will not.

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