Rights Not Force

Rights, observed Ayn Rand, is such a new concept that few men understand it.

The main point of rights and that of most common misunderstanding is the issue of force. We have the inalienable right to conduct our lives as we want but not to initiate force against another. That would be a contradiction because it infringes on the rights equally held by others.

In few instances is the confusion and failure to understand rights more apparent than in collectivist demonstrations such as “women’s rights” protests against president Trump.

Reading the linked article (about demonstrations in Canada) will inform you that the issue goes beyond women’s concerns. If you can name a group or think of the collectivist flavor of the month it’s probably covered by this nonsense.

The common theme however seems to be that the duly elected US president must be replaced with the proper Leftist as this will create the environment in which the rights of all these groups and classes will be enforced politically.

What these utopians share is the foolish idea that rights are granted by governments, preferably Leftist ones. What they are advocating are privileges and entitlements for groups based on identity politics.

I encourage these people to act as they want. I certainly try to do so. I’m focused on constantly improving my character and thinking and not asking for government assistance to do it. Please don’t call for the iron fist of government to try bringing others into your fold.

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