“Turkey” Roast

The various and numerous tribes of Islam are confusing to westerners and apparently troubling to some Muslim theocrats.

Under the leadership of Kemal Ataturk, the nation of Turkey began a process of “westernization” following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire after World War I.

The secular Republic of Turkey became a cosmopolitan oasis for westerners in Europe (“Eurasia” if you prefer) and until recently it was a pleasure to at least visit its capitol Ankara.

So civilized was Turkey that it was welcomed into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) three years after its formation in 1949. An attack on any of the member states is deemed to be an attack on all.

So what happens when a member state of NATO initiates an attack against another nation or quasi-state?

It’s arguable as to who is the aggressor involved in the bloody skirmish between Kurds and Turkey as promoted by Turkey’s President Erdogan.

What is known is that Erdogan is an Islamist and has steadily been moving Turkey toward an Islamic state.

The nationless Kurds occupy parts of Syria, Iraq and Turkey and by all reports are among the most westernized of Islamic tribes. They drink wine for crying out loud.

So what to do about Turkey from a foreign policy point of view? I’d say kick Erdogan’s regime out of NATO forthwith. Until he stops boasting about “cleaning” the borders of Turkey I don’t think he’s welcome in civilized western society.

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