Unilateral Free Trade Now!

Canada’s central bank, that political creation established on the premise that central planners have the moral right to manage individual economic choices, is raising its key lending rate. The move may ultimately affect rates paid on commercial loans as well as consumer interest rates for mortgages and other loans. The reasoning supplied by central bankers is sometimes amusing and often confusing. However on this occasion part of the rationale is stated to be concern that the US may pull out of NAFTA talks. Such action may affect foreign investment in Canada and impact exports according to the Bank of Canada … Continue reading Unilateral Free Trade Now!

Canada: Climate of Hate

The Globe and Mail has performed a public service today by publishing an opinion from an Ottawa writer and “human-rights advocate”. Amira Elghawaby was like many Canadians, upset by the news of the attack on an eleven year old girl last Friday in Toronto. She is crying again at the revelation that the attack did not happen. Now don’t misunderstand; the “human-rights advocate” doesn’t wish the story was true. Her concern is apparently that the relief many people feel now at finding out an eleven year old girl told a big lie is that the real climate of hatred and bigotry … Continue reading Canada: Climate of Hate


An eleven year old girl in Toronto last Friday pulled a terrific prank on Canada. She alleged what amounted to being physically assaulted twice in the presence of her younger brother as they walked to school. The details of the alleged attack seemed rather strange; a man supposedly came from behind and armed with scissors, began cutting away at her hijab. According to news reports the man later returned after running off and resumed his cutting only to run away again, smiling as he did so. Naturally this incident should have been treated seriously, and it was properly investigated by police. The … Continue reading “Pranked”

Shall We Talk?

Sheema Khan encourages Canadians, in an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail today, to visit a mosque during upcoming open houses, to participate in Ramadan and generally to correct their “perception vs. reality” view of Muslim life in Canada.  First, let me get this off my chest. Perception is Reality. I can forgive Sheema Khan perhaps for not understanding this but not The Globe and Mail editors. One can have mistaken conclusions but your perception is infallible.  Now then, Khan goes on to suggest that because of some Angus Reid poll it seems Canadians hold a dim view of Islam … Continue reading Shall We Talk?

Let’s Start With a Definition 

Hassan Yussuff is president of the Canadian Labour Congress and thinks it’s high time Canadians recognized that “Islamophobia” is apparently running rampant in Canada.  In an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail the organized Labour leader averred that Canadians need to be “educated” on the issue of “Islamophobia.” Aside from the obvious paternalism of someone who wants to collectively “educate” Canadians about his dubious opinions there is the non-starter of the subject. “Islamophobia” remains undefined.  The term has no referents in reality and is therefore an abstraction. As a matter of fact it appears to suggest it’s part of the scientific … Continue reading Let’s Start With a Definition 

The Folly of Minimum Wage Laws 

It used to be the case that most economists argued against minimum wage laws primarily because it seemed obvious that unemployment would result.  The history of minimum wage laws is long, reaching back at least to the Stuart and Tudor era in England. Then as now such laws are indefensible.  The Tim Horton’s coffee shop chain is in the news because in response to the latest round of laws setting minimum wage some of the franchise operations in Ontario have been cutting other benefits. According to The Globe and Mail boycotts by customers have begun. Wages are an expense paid in … Continue reading The Folly of Minimum Wage Laws 

Strange Bedfellows Indeed 

Pakistan, that former haven of no less than Osama Bin Laden is apparently an ally of the United States, according to its Foreign Minister. In an angry outburst the Foreign Minister decried the attitude of the current US administration.   I say rubbish. Pakistan ought to be included on the US State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism. More precisely this list of states, which currently includes only Iran, Sudan and Syria ought to be called state sponsors of totalitarian Islam. That’s the big issue in foreign relations today. Continue reading Strange Bedfellows Indeed 

Birth Control – Just Another Government Service 

An economist and a journalist have co-authored an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail (Governments Should Fund) urging public funding of birth control just as it funds HIV prevention.  Sure, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. More important is to state the truth by facing reality and understanding your relationship to it. Governments don’t fund anything. They can’t because they don’t produce anything. Production precedes consumption.  Today’s governments loot the productive in society and lavish spending on the politically influential, be they the whinging beggars at one extreme, or the utopian economists, journalists and other intellectuals at the … Continue reading Birth Control – Just Another Government Service