Super Choice

Sometimes having an intellectual defending the right of individuals to exercise freedom of choice is a “mixed bag”.

For the second time Canadians will be able to watch Super Bowl advertisements in real time as they watch today’s game.

As reported there has been controversy in political and corporate circles over the decision of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) to allow the airings.

Individuals must choose in every action they take or choose not to. It is a part of their nature. What a man is as a rational being determines what he ought to do. This is fundamental.

Thus, to read this glossing over on the matter of choice as quoted from a University of Ottawa law professor no less, is fundamentally disheartening (emphasis added):

People do feel that they ought to have the right to choose, and the notion that choice is taken away doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.

No bloody kidding! The battle between corporatist media and media regulators and possibly the Supreme Court over what we can view on Super Bowl Sunday sure as hell “doesn’t sit well.”

It’s a massive understatement.

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