Anarchists For “Climate Change”

If you’ve not heard, Kinder Morgan, a pipeline construction company has suspended all but “necessary expenditures” in the construction of a massive project involving an energy pipeline installation from Alberta through British Columbia to the Pacific coast.

The company has taken this action in light of a major political dispute between the governments of the two provinces aforementioned.

Briefly, Alberta wants the project to move forward with haste. The government depends on the energy loot from taxation and needs to be seen as addressing a high unemployment situation in the province.

The government of British Columbia on the other hand has pragmatically sided with the environmentalists and is resisting construction through its jurisdiction.

“Protesters” in British Columbia have defied a Court injunction against them protesting on Kinder Morgan property.

Many of these lawbreakers have been arrested and will find out on Monday, April 16th if they face criminal charges for their recklessness.

From the linked article, one Valerie Langer who has previous experience as a lead organizer of civil disobedience observed that the relevant question is whether or not those charged knew they were violating the injunction, their reasons for doing so being irrelevant.

In simpler recognizable language the protestors arrested were “in contempt of court.”

However, Langer went on to say, as quoted in the article:

We’re talking about climate change, and the risk of an oil spill. Is that a criminal insult to the courts? Or is this our society, in the throes of a social evolution?”

Well Ms. Langer, to answer your questions, your reasons for initiating the use of force remain irrelevant. Such actions are immoral. And, if our society is “in the throes of a social evolution” then it is in the deathly throes of anarchy, which is hardly a mark of progress for civilization.

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