“Life or Death” Issue?

Catherine Cullen, in a so-called “Power and Politics” program on CBC News Network, was challenging Andrew Scheer, leader of the official opposition in Canada’s parliament, on his party’s position relative to the recent release of a dire report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as to his party’s position in light of this “life and death issue.”

Well excuse me, but exactly what credibility does the IPCC have after its dismal record of prior predictions made by group consensus? None.

But that does not impede the CBC in its relentless persecution of anyone with opposing views to UN-supported opinions. So the pressure was on to get Scheer to embarrass himself on national television, at taxpayer expense (on CBC, i.e., state media.)

Scheer, to his credit, did not fumble with the line of questioning but it was pretty clear he was ready to compromise depending on how his party experts would eventually spin a fuller political response than the leader could give, off the cuff as it were.

As to the IPCC report that we (the human race) have only eleven years to reduce global warming or face death from drought and extreme heat as a consequence, I think this “Chicken Little” claim is dubious at best.

The claims of the IPCC and other alarmists, Al Gore being most prominent among them, do not inspire confidence or bolster credibility. Except, of course, within the political confines of current Liberal Government and state media, CBC News Network.

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