Trump defends “arming enemies of the west.”

Trump defends $110B US arms sale to Saudi Arabia

People everywhere hold contradictions every waking hour of their lives. It’s probably a holdover from a history of being dominated by one of the three major religions or generally, by having given in to mysticism, faith and emotion.

But, president Trump is serving as a prototype for a massive contradiction in defending the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. This dictatorship is an enemy of the United States and the rest of the semi-free world. Its role in supporting the terrorists in the 2001 attack on the United States has never been fully examined, for example.

Morally, the proper attitude to the Saudis and all variants of dictatorship should be condemnation at every opportunity. The Khashoggi affair is just the latest one.

And while there is not a problem in allowing trade to be conducted between Americans and Saudi Arabian citizens and residents, the making of “deals” between governments for armaments is on a scale of incomprehensible evil.

It is no defense to invoke “job creation” as justification. It is no defense to say that the Russians or Chinese would do the “deal” if the US government did not.

All dictatorships should be treated the same. Condemn them for violating individual rights and be prepared to thwart them with a solid military defense, NOT “arming enemies of the west.”

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