Drunken vandals face 10 years in jail for defacing artifact in Thailand

“Brit, Canadian face 10 years in jail for spraying Thai wall” https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBOAQ8l?m=en-ca&referrerID=InAppShare

Yes, it’s a slow news day in Canada when this is a “top story.”

Perhaps much of the population is still “coming down from a high” after celebrating the “historic day” of cannabis “legalization.”

With some supply problems already apparent the period of tranquility may soon end. Or, since Canadians are accustomed to long line-ups and rationing of medical care they’ll just shrug it off.

The sad tale of the two drunken louts in Thailand won’t garner too much sympathy among domestic “stoners” but the chastened miscreants can take comfort that the embassies are “providing services.”

Edward’s Post

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