Atlantic Canada sees evidence of “climate change”

There are few things that bring into question the premises underlying faith in an idea that has been unquestioningly accepted. A true believer cannot be swayed by mere facts. The broad social acceptance of the validity of the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGM) is one such faith. AGM is such an entrenched idea that whenever the slightest bit of evidence seems to contradict it, defences are immediately summoned, however subtly introduced. In other instances the evidence is simply evaded by such techniques as changing the subject. For example, a recent article comments on the simple fact that there is … Continue reading Atlantic Canada sees evidence of “climate change”

Media Searches for Meaning Without Definition

Despite efforts to find its meaning for the collective populations of North America, “nationalism” remains undefined throughout an article for The Canadian Press. This is the sort of incondite journalism we can probably expect from government-subsidized (or soon-to-be subsidized) media. Not only does the author of the piece not challenge any of the obfuscating terms used by a politician, he perversely claims to draw a “clear implication” from them. The article opens with this paragraph: On a historic Remembrance Day, a century after the end of the First World War, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a Paris crowd that decaying … Continue reading Media Searches for Meaning Without Definition