Provoking the “Borg”

I am not convinced that a proper government should be involved in administering the registration and licensing of motor vehicles for operation, but it is the case in most jurisdictions. It ought to be a straightforward procedure to perform the necessary recordkeeping for processing payments, issuing vehicle tags, tracking expiring registrations and perhaps issuing reminders for renewals pending. But of course, when government goes beyond its proper scope of protecting individual rights, all manner of inefficiencies and injustices are certain to occur. [The primary source of information for what follows can be found in a National Post article, which is … Continue reading Provoking the “Borg”

“The Star” Reports on New Social Club

The Star or Star Metro has a significant presence in the daily lives of Canadians. In Edmonton and other Canadian cities, readers are treated to what is described by Wikipedia as “a chain of Canadian free daily newspapers . . ..” [Emphasis added.] I think The Star is worth every penny of that price. Consider the December 17, 2018 print edition of the Star Metro Edmonton, the editors of which deemed it worthy to report—as no less than a “cover story”—what I would call the formation of a new social club on the University of Alberta campus. The story is … Continue reading “The Star” Reports on New Social Club