Something to See Here

Former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould (JWR) says that she will supply further testimony and evidence in a written report to the parliamentary justice committee which has now closed its investigation into the SNC Lavalin affair. That information will be made public after it is reviewed by that committee.

Unlike Michael Wernick, former Clerk of the Privy Council and “trusted advisor” to the Prime Minister’s Office, JWR was not permitted a second appearance before the committee.

One of the interesting things about Wernick’s second appearance was, as I observed in my last post, that he seemed unaware or was indifferent to how Canadians might be disturbed by the close ties between big business and central government power. He’s not alone in that attitude.

When JWR submits her further evidence it will not include any information in regard to the time after she was fired in January as it is not covered by the waiver provided by Mr. Trudeau.

The National Post story that reports on JWR’s submission of further evidence indicates that Mr. Trudeau was asked about the waiver in that context.

. . ., Trudeau insisted the existing waiver he’s granted to Wilson-Raybould is sufficient, and said the existing testimony has adequately addressed the controversy.

“She testified for four hours on her experiences as justice minister in regards to Lavalin,” he said. “There has been a full airing at the justice committee of the matters involving the former justice minister and the attorney general and the SNC-Lavalin file.”

Got that? Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. “. . . the existing testimony has adequately addressed the controversy.”

Closed Door

I’ve stated repeatedly that Mr. Trudeau and his Liberal government are fervently hoping that the SNC Lavalin affair will just go away. I also insist that Canadians ought to keep on asking questions about the injustices that seem to be a part of “politics as usual” in the collusion between government and big business.

There is something to see here. You just have to keep looking.

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  1. Good one. Keep rolling! Concise and thought-provoking. Should give readers pause to reflect on the nuances.

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