Iranian Regime Threatened by Girls on Bikes

One reason for the actions in the Strait of Hormuz is to try and show it’s own citizens how tough is the regime. But, girls trying to ride motorcycles? Even that’s an internal threat to the mullahs. Another scene of the gender apartheid in Iran under clerics. 2 girls were practising riding a motorcycle. A policeman appears & tries to seize the motorcycle. Reason? Women aren't allowed to ride motorcycles. Girls say "listen to us for a moment".But Iran's rulers won't listen — Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) July 27, 2019 Continue reading Iranian Regime Threatened by Girls on Bikes

More on the Injustices of Canada’s “Human Rights Tribunals”

By now you must have heard about the story of Jessica Yaniv, the “transgendered” abusive misogynist who has caused so much distress among innocent women in Canada. The link below can get you to Rex Murphy’s excellent reporting on this case. These days in Canada, a Trans-whatever can force you to touch their genitals & if you say "no", they can sue you & a Human Rights Commission entertains this garbage? THIS IS EXTORTION & SEXUAL ABUSE OF WORKERS! What a squalid state of affairs in Canada! — Leonard Roxon (@LeonardRoxon) July 27, 2019 Continue reading More on the Injustices of Canada’s “Human Rights Tribunals”

“Human Rights” Abuse In Canada

The hideous story of the “transgendered” Jessica Yaniv, which has led to so much grief and agony for so many is recorded in the conduct of Canada’s Human Rights Commission. All of this could have been avoided if a business actually had its right to refuse service to anyone protected by government, instead of being compelled to serve under threat of prosecution. The truth about Jessica Yaniv is beginning to emerge — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) July 28, 2019 Continue reading “Human Rights” Abuse In Canada

Communists In Our Midst

Just wondering, how many members of the Communist Party of Canada are on staff at the “State” Broadcasting Corporation? I refer of course to the CBC which, so far as I know, has no comment yet on this curious news about communist political connections in Quebec. 1/ INCREDIBLE. Our candidate in Ahuntsic-Cartierville @RaymondAyas has found out that the leader of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF QUEBEC, André Parizeau, is also president of the Bloc Québécois association in this riding and is in the race to become the BQ’s candidate. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) July 27, 2019 Continue reading Communists In Our Midst

The Far Left Side

More anecdotal evidence that the hard left collectivists, including avowed socialists, implicit socialists, anarchists and university graduates whose skulls remain “full of mush,” have taken over the Democratic political party and intellectual thrust of mainstream “thought”. The logical end of this revolting nonsense is full confidence in the “State” to solve all problems from early childhood education to “managing” climate stasis. Hat tip to Dave Rubin for his wry remarks. I tried to warn everyone! — Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) July 22, 2019 Continue reading The Far Left Side

“How,” Not “What” To Think About “Climate Change”

If an economist can discuss this issue calmly and rationally, why can’t both “climate alarmists” and “climate deniers” do the same? Please consider listening to the full interview, not with an “open mind” but in a state of full awareness. Also, formulate your own questions and then go looking for reasoned answers. There is no climate emergency. No reason to panic or be anxious. No consensus supporting climate alarmism. No justification to regulate and tax ourselves to death. Please watch this interview with Ross McKitrick with an open mind. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) July 21, 2019 Continue reading “How,” Not “What” To Think About “Climate Change”

Free Speech Fundamentals

[Update: After much advocacy on behalf of Lindsay Shepherd by other Twitter account-holders, and presumably a review by rational human beings at Twitter, her account was restored.] In yet another example of apparent injustices surrounding the issue of free speech, Lindsay Shepherd has been permanently banned from the Twitter platform. Details are available, for the time being, through the link below. While Twitter may conduct its business as its management/ownership chooses, it is also choosing to accept the consequences. Ultimately, it may not pay to ban free speech advocates in favor of appeasing, for example, “transgendered” abusive online misogynists. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Free Speech Fundamentals

Mass Oppression Ignored By Most

Masih Alinejad is a brave woman reporting on the plight of women in Iran. Under the regime of mullahs since 1979 the beautiful women of that region are forced to drape themselves in hijabs, burqas and other similar symbols of oppressive political power. The female population is policed, and violators of the “hijab” law may be beaten and arrested. This is what Alinejad is resisting “with the wind in her hair” and a campaign called “#whitewednesdays” on Twitter in which Iranian women are encouraged to strip off the hijabs en masse. I support them any way I can. This was … Continue reading Mass Oppression Ignored By Most

Trudeau defends anti-pipeline Liberal candidate, reaffirms commitment to Trans Mountain

Trudeau says, according to this CBC story, that there’s room for “ideological diversity” in his party. Anyone notice the contradiction in this position when Maxime Bernier was observed in a political photo opportunity involving a pair of so-called far right individuals? Continue reading Trudeau defends anti-pipeline Liberal candidate, reaffirms commitment to Trans Mountain

House votes to restrain Trump on war with Iran, setting up showdown with the Senate – The Washington Post

I may not understand all the fine points here, but that’s politics with a fair measure of partisan conflict in the mix. Fundamentally however, if the actions of Iran in the downing of the drone can objectively be determined to be an initiation of force against the United States, the proper response would be military retaliation with overwhelming force. Total destruction of this regime is several decades overdue. The problem with Trump of course is that he is incapable of acting on a rights-protecting principle. Continue reading House votes to restrain Trump on war with Iran, setting up showdown with the Senate – The Washington Post