Free Speech Fundamentals

[Update: After much advocacy on behalf of Lindsay Shepherd by other Twitter account-holders, and presumably a review by rational human beings at Twitter, her account was restored.]

In yet another example of apparent injustices surrounding the issue of free speech, Lindsay Shepherd has been permanently banned from the Twitter platform. Details are available, for the time being, through the link below.

While Twitter may conduct its business as its management/ownership chooses, it is also choosing to accept the consequences.

Ultimately, it may not pay to ban free speech advocates in favor of appeasing, for example, “transgendered” abusive online misogynists.

Meanwhile, it behooves us all to remember that free speech is a requirement of a civilized society built around the sanctity of the individual.

The individual is the relevant unit of reality and stands sovereign over his own life. In order to pursue the goal of his own life he must be free to think and to act. Freedom means the absence of coercion.

I think that many of those in the business of providing online platforms are acting under pressure from governments and/or the Leftist intellectual orthodoxy promoted by ivory tower professors, mainstream media and many power-lusting politicians.

It is motivation by fear, pure and simple. If most of us stand by without speaking out in the face of such hideous examples of government controlled speech, such as “hate speech” legislation, then it may be all over for free societies.

The end of that sorry road is dictatorship and death. #individualsmatter

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