Mountain High Noon

On Sunday we wound our way through Rogers Pass in the Canadian Rockies making a short stop at noon near the Spiral Tunnels. Deep beneath the mountains pictured above are tunnels which spiral in a wide route up and down the rapid changes in elevation. Railroad tracks guide freight trains through these tunnels allowing for easier navigation of the steep grades than what was possible before these spirals were completed in 1909. Prior to that project being completed there were many trainwrecks. Today, more than a century later, the “trainwrecks” are mostly caused by governments and special interests holding up … Continue reading Mountain High Noon

Peace and Tranquility

If you ever visit Alberta’s third largest city of Lethbridge, you owe it to yourself to take in the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden next to Henderson Lake. It was created as an official Canadian Centennial project in 1967. The principles of Japanese garden design and architecture have been combined with plants and geographical features of southern Alberta to create a fusion of “East and West”. Now, I cannot do justice to the impact this garden should have on the intelligent and aware visitor. It is a peaceful and relaxed place. And this.And more.But wait,There is more,And more,This was a fine … Continue reading Peace and Tranquility

On The Road Again

So, our breakfasts at Mocha Cabana Bistro were very good. It is one of those “farm to table” establishments that try very hard to support locally sourced fresh ingredients. Marlene had the “traditional” Eggs Benedict. She said: “Many places think they know how to make the ‘perfect benny’ with the ‘perfect Hollandaise’ but these people know how to do it”. It looks heavy but the sauce was light and perfectly balanced with lemon. I went for the basic bacon and egg breakfast. The Hutterite bacon was correctly prepared as were the locally sourced “over easy” eggs and toasted artisan bread. … Continue reading On The Road Again

Normal Corruption, Move Along

Kelly McParland of the National Post has written a revealing piece on the corrupt tactics of a modern entitlement welfare state, Canada in this example linked below. He concludes with the following: Maybe that’s what’s so scary about the whole thing: that Liberals don’t see anything wrong with it. They think it’s all fine. And they want us to vote for more. Exactly. Many partisan supporters of the Liberals will simply adopt the attitude that the SNC scandal is old business. It’s time to move along and get the government of Justin Trudeau re-elected. As I’ve pointed out previously, in … Continue reading Normal Corruption, Move Along

Poor Little Twit

Let us not forget that Greta Thunberg is the poor little twit who claimed she could see CO2 gas in the air. Now she’s an inspirational icon to the irrational life-hating nihilists of the “climate change” religion. Observe the language used by the CBC referring to the “powerful pulpit she now occupies”. This isn't a news headline. It's propaganda by a government journalist at Justin Trudeau's state broadcaster. It tracks Trudeau's election campaign talking points. The CBC is a disgrace, as are all who work there and lie to themselves about their independence.#JustinJournos — Ezra Levant 🇨🇳🦠 (@ezralevant) August … Continue reading Poor Little Twit

Netanyahu vs. Democrats

The NBC story says the barring of two anti-Israel activist members of the US Congress may strain relations between Netanyahu and the Democrats. Do you think Netanyahu could even care a fig about that speculation? I don’t. Why should anyone care about the actions of these two anti-Israel, and probably anti-American, misfit politicians? Or the fallout from denying them entry to the country of their apparently avowed enemy? Continue reading Netanyahu vs. Democrats

Hypocrisy Not the Biggest Joke Here

I don’t care about the super-rich heading off to Google Camp in 114 private jets, mega yachts and Maserati cars. Wish that I had that much going for me. I don’t even think the hypocrisy is the biggest issue. What I resent is their collective calls to use the brute force of the State to compel us to act against our best interests. The mind does not function under force. Finally, I’d welcome a milder climate, and if there are severe consequences, which I doubt, it is free minds and resultant technology that will save the day. Camp’s over. Go … Continue reading Hypocrisy Not the Biggest Joke Here