Normal Corruption, Move Along

Kelly McParland of the National Post has written a revealing piece on the corrupt tactics of a modern entitlement welfare state, Canada in this example linked below.

He concludes with the following:

Maybe that’s what’s so scary about the whole thing: that Liberals don’t see anything wrong with it. They think it’s all fine. And they want us to vote for more.

Exactly. Many partisan supporters of the Liberals will simply adopt the attitude that the SNC scandal is old business. It’s time to move along and get the government of Justin Trudeau re-elected.

As I’ve pointed out previously, in a number of posts, the SNC scandal is an issue of justice. A society of free individuals ignoring such important principles and simply accepting the authority of government spokesmen will not remain free for very long.

I encourage you to read Mr. McParland’s opinion, especially if you’re a potential Canadian voter, and think carefully about what you may be about to support.

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