On The Road Again

So, our breakfasts at Mocha Cabana Bistro were very good. It is one of those “farm to table” establishments that try very hard to support locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Marlene had the “traditional” Eggs Benedict. She said: “Many places think they know how to make the ‘perfect benny’ with the ‘perfect Hollandaise’ but these people know how to do it”.

It looks heavy but the sauce was light and perfectly balanced with lemon.

I went for the basic bacon and egg breakfast. The Hutterite bacon was correctly prepared as were the locally sourced “over easy” eggs and toasted artisan bread.

A word about the “smashed brown” potatoes, which are roasted, then “smashed” before finishing by quick deep-frying. They are delicious, crunchy offerings with lovely familiar soft starchy centers. And, the portions are so generous they can’t be finished except by the most gluttonous among us.

The service was friendly and genuine and we would recommend Mocha Cabana to anyone who has occasion to be in Lethbridge for the time it takes to stop for a meal.

Loved it.

Now, after a brief respite, we’ll be on the road again, to Calgary, Alberta.

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